CSC 241 Lab 6

Submission:  Submit the python or text file that contains all your answers to the submission folder for this lab by the end of the lab. To simplify Drew's (our tutor) work, please include your name and the number of the lab at the top of the file (if you're submitting a Python file, use comments: start the line with a #).

Grading: see the grading criteria for lab assignments.

Since we haven't seen a lot of new material (because of the midterm), this lab will mostly be about reviewing the midterm problems for practice. If you need additional challenges, there are a couple of extra bonus questions at the end.

1. (Midterm). Redo problems 1 and 4 on the midterm. Work on and discuss solutions with each other. The midterm (and the file innocents.txt) is available on d2l as part of the week 6 course content. If you did fine on the midterm look for the extra challenges below.

2. (Old Miterm) Do problem 4 on the old midterm (available on d2l as part of the week 5 course content, together with the file Romantics.csv which you'll need). If you solved this already, and did fine, look below for extra challenge.

3. (Extra credit challenges based on midterm):

Marcus Schaefer
Last updated: May 6th 2019.