History of Games
Schedule and Readings

Introduction History and Games
9/10 Introduction to the course. Syllabus and requirements. Why study games? Why study history of games? Aims of the class.
  Reading for 9/15:
  • Salen, K. and Zimmerman, E. Chapter 3 "Meaningful Play," in Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals. MIT Press, 2004. DePaul Library on-line. Login to the collection (books 24x7), and then search for "Rules of Play"
  • Parlett, D. Chapter 1 “Welcome Aboard,” in The Oxford History of Board Games (part of Front Matter), Course On-Line
9/15 History and Games. Historical methods. Games as primary sources. What is a game?
9/17 Gameplay Leader Session. In-class exercise for learning your designated game.
Unit 1 Death and Religion in Ancient Egypt
  Reading for 9/22:
  •  Spodek, H. "River Valley Civilizations" Chapter 3, pages 57-70, in The World's History, Course On-Line (pages 1-14)
9/22 History: Ancient Egypt. Religion and dynasticism in the New Kingdom. Records, inscriptions, art, artifacts and other archeological evidence.
  Reading for 9/24:
  •  Parlett, D. Chapter 4 “The Tables Turned", [part of Part 1] Course On-Line [in the pdf version read only pages 29 - 40 up to and including section on nard, and pages 46-48 on backgammon]
9/24 Game: Race Games. Senet. Descendants of Senet including Backgammon. Design principles of race games.
9/29 Play: Senet
  Reading for 10/1:
  • Hageman, Rhonda K. "Senet, the Game of Passing", Online
  • Queen Nefertari Playing Senet, Online
10/1 Sources: Senet and Egyptian Religion. Reconstructing Senet.
Unit 2 Royalty and Society in Medieval Europe
Reading for 10/6:
  • Greaves, R. et al. Chapter 14 "Life and Culture in Medieval Europe," in Cvilizations of the World. HarperCollins, 1993, Course On-Line
10/6 History: Society and Culture in the Late Middle Ages. Social structure and hierarchy. Medieval Spain and the Muslim world.
  Reading for 10/8:
  • Yalom, M. Chapter 7 “Chess and the Cult of the Virgin Mary,” and Chapter 8 “Chess and the Cult of Love,” in Birth of the Chess Queen. HarperCollins. 2005, Course On-Line
  • Parlett, Ch. 16 “Conquering Kings”, 204-211 only (Beginning of Part 5), Course On-Line (pages 276-286 if you have access to the hardcopy of the book)
10/8 Game: Strategy Games. History of Chess. Asian variants of chess. Go. Emergent properties in strategy games.
10/13 Play: Medieval Chess.
  Reading for 10/15:
  • Yalom, Chapter 11 “New Chess and Isabella of Castile", Course On-Line
10/15 Sources: The Transformation of Chess.
Unit 3 People of Chance: America in the 19th Century
  Reading for 10/20:
  • Boyer, P. S. et al. "Immigration, Expansion, and Sectional Conflict 1840-1848" Chapter 13 in The Enduring Vision: A History of the American People. Read: p. 399-402 up to “The Germans”, p.405 Labor Protest to end of p. 407, p. 408 "Mexican Government in the Far West" up to p. 412 “American Settlements”, p. 414 “The Politics of Expansion” up to p.418 “Polk and Oregon”, p. 419 “The Origins of the Mexican War” up to p.425 “The Wilmot Proviso”, p.427/428 Conclusion and Chronology, Course On-Line.
10/20 History: Risk and tradition in 19th Century America.
  Reading for 10/22:
  • Schwartz, David G. "Star-Spangled Gamblers", Chapter 7 in "Roll the Bones. The History of Gambling",  Course On-Line.
10/22 Game: Gambling Games. The history of gambling. Divination, probability and risk. Typologies of gambling games. The boundary issues between gambling and play. The rise of professional gambling.
10/27 Play: Faro
  Reading for 10/29:
  • Green, J. H. An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling. Philadelphia, 1847. Online, only the following parts:
    • The Evil Consequences of Gambling, pages 11-20,
    • Affray with the Gamblers in Vicksburg, pages 150/151
    • A Discourse on the Evils of Gambling. By Rev. E. H. Chapin, pages 296-314.
10/29 Sources: Confessions and Exhortations
Unit 4  Children's Games as Global Mass Culture
  Reading for 11/5:
  • Ebrey, P.B., Walthall, A., Palais, J.B. "Contemporary Japan (1965 to the Present)" in East Asia: A Cultural, Social, and Political History. Houhgton-Mifflin. You can skip the documents on pages 610/611. Online.
11/5 History: The Globalization of Japanese Culture.
  Reading for 11/7:
  • Kent, S. L. Chapter 28 “The Mainstream and All its Perils” and Chapter 29 “And the Cycle Continues” in The Ultimate History of Video Games. Three Rivers Press, 2001. Online.
11/7 Game: Video Games. The first 25 years of video game history. Video games in Japan. The rise of Nintendo.
11/12 Play: Pokemon Trading Card Game
  Reading for 11/17:
  • Tobin, J.. Chapter 13 “The Rise and Fall of Pokemon: Pikachu's global adventure”. Online. Only read the following parts:
    • Intro, Japan's Mouse, Glocalization, pages 257-268
11/17 Discussion: Games in a global culture/Conclusion: The changing role of games and leisure
11/26 Final paper due


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