Homework 1 (due 9/20)

Homework is due by class-time on Tuesday.

We covered material from chapters 1 and 2 (Wolfe. 3D Graphics, A Visual Approach).

Part of this homework will be to explore POV-Ray; for documentation, check out Section 1.2.1 (Our First Image) of the online documentation (the same material is labeled 2.2.1 if you look for it in the help function/tutorial of the program). Section ( as part of the program) describes the plane object.

1. [Reading Assignment] Read chapters 1 and 2 in Wolfe. 3D Graphics, A Visual Approach.

2. [TERA, 5pt] Install Tera (from the CD that comes with the textbook), and answer questions 2 and 3 on pages 6/7.

3. [POV-Ray, 10pt] Install POV-Ray (available at www.povray.org), download scene.zip, unzip it, and render the appropriate file. Give a short description of what you see.

4. [POV-Ray/Camera, 40pt] Do Exercises 10-15 on page 22 of the textbook. You'll need the zip archive room.zip (which you can also find on the CD).

5. [POV-Ray/Camera, 10pt] Feel free to use the POV-Ray language manual or help feature to answer the following question:

    What does the angle attribute in the camera statement control? What does a large angle mean?

6. [POV-Ray, 20pt] Take our sample file sphere.pov, and make it more interesting using only planes and spheres as objects. Play with camera and light settings, and attributes like colors, textures, etc. For this part, submit

  1. a short description of your scene
  2. a rendered bmp file (at resolution at least 640 x 480)
  3. your pov file

Submission: Questions 2-5 and 6a require written answers. Hand those in as hardcopies on paper (as an exception I will accept email submissions). For questions 6b and 6c submit your rendered image and pov file on CD or disk, or via email.

All your materials need to be clearly labeled, containing your name, class, and homework. If you submit your files by email, please use the subject line "GPH 425 HW 1".

Note: all your emails should include your name.



Marcus Schaefer
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