Homework 2 (due 9/27)

Homework is due by class-time on Tuesday.

We covered material from chapter 3 of the textbook, and Sections 1.2.2 (Basic Shapes) and 1.2.3 (CSG Objects) of the online POV-Ray documentation. Next week we continue with chapter 4.

1. [Reading Assignment] Read chapter 3 in Wolfe. 3D Graphics, A Visual Approach.

2. [POV-Ray, CSG, 30pt] Do Exercises 2-5 on page 39-40 of the textbook. You'll need files chess.pov and pawn.inc. You will recreate part of the following scene:

3. [POV-RayCSG, 10pt] Write a POV-Ray file to recreate ONE of the objects in the following scene:

4. [POV-Ray, 20pt] Take our sample file partialdie.pov, and complete the die (round off all edges, and complete three visible faces). The result could look like die.bmp.

5. [POV-Ray, 30pt] Elaborate on the chessboard from question 2 creatively, adding objects (like a more detailed chess piece), creating more dramatic lighting, using textures or color schemes. No limits to your creativity.

6. [Extra Credit, 15pt] Round the corners of the die as well, so it looks like wellroundeddie.bmp.

7. [Extra Credit, 15pt] Recreate, or improve, on the nut in nut.bmp (the texture is Rust scaled by a factor of 5).

8. [Extra Credit, 20pt] (For the mathematically inclined.) Prove that (u x v), the cross-product of u and v, is perpendicular to u and v. (Hint: use the definition of cross-product from class, and the criterion for being perpendicular we saw).

Submission: For all questions, submit both .pov and .bmp files (either by email, or on disk).

All your materials need to be clearly labeled, containing your name, class, and homework. If you submit your files by email, please use the subject line "GPH 425 HW 2".

Note: all your emails should include your name.

Marcus Schaefer
Last updated:  September 20th, 2005.