Homework 5 (due 10/25)


1. [Texturing, 20pt] Do Exercises 2 and 3 a,b,c (not d) on page 83 of the textbook.

2. [Texturing, 20p] Do Exercises 6 and 7 on pages 85/86 of the textbook. You will need the file threedim.pov. The book also mentions two sample files, stones1.pov and stones2.pov that are worth rendering. These files as well as many other similar ones are in the scenes/incdemo directory of your POV-Ray installation.

3. [Earth, 35pt] Complete the POV-Ray earth we started in class (earth.pov). I have already included workable versions of the ocean and land textures, but feel free to improve these with difference turbulences, patterns, waveforms, as you see fit. Add snow and cloud textures choosing settings that you think get the best effect. The file contains comments about what I was trying to do. The leopard pattern has rather large spots, so, unless scaled down (to about 20% here), one will only see bands caused by the surface of the spheres creating the spots.

4. [Wood, 45pt] Create a (simple) scene including a wooden floor made up of several planks of wood. Feel free to browse the wood textures in woods.inc for your wood, but also feel free to improve on the wooden textures if you can or design your own. Try to make the wooden planks look individual (a while loop and some randomization might simplify this job). The setting is entirely up to you ranging from beautifully tiled, polished hardwood floors to the rough interior of a log-cabin. Note: include a storyline for your scene (about one paragraph); that is, not a description of the scene, but a short description of what led to the scene.


Marcus Schaefer
Last updated:  October 12th, 2005.