Homework 6 (due 11/1)

We talked about camera perspective and the technical aspects of light. Next time we will continue talking about light (media, photons, aesthetic issues).

1. [Radiosity, Reading Assignment] Read the POV-Ray tutorial on radiosity (Section 2.3.4 of the online documentation). It will come in handy for the second part.

2. [Lightsources and radiosity, 80pt] Create a storyline and a scene centered around a prominent light-source object (such as a reading lamp, a lantern, a neon light, up to you). On the technical side, make use of an area light and the radiosity algorithm. That means you should include sufficient detail in your scene to see the effects of the softer shadows caused by the area light and the color bleeding due to the radiosity algorithm.


Marcus Schaefer
Last updated:  October 26th, 2005.