Homework 7 (due 11/8)

We talked about cameras and aesthetic issues of lighting. We saw excerpts from the following movies:

1. [Camera position, 20pt] Find pictures demonstrating the following field of views (one for each).

2. [3 point lighting, 30pt] Find pictures demonstrating the following lighting set-ups (one for each set-up), and, in a short sentence, explain what the effect on the mood/expression of the scene is.

Your examples should be different from the ones we saw in class. Include the picture files in your write-up.

3. [3 point lighting, 35] Take one of your earlier scenes, and add 3 point lighting to it for some important object in the scene.

In your code clearly indicate the function of each light using comments

4. [Extra Credit] Fix the fogs.pov example. The intended effect is that the fog should appear reddish where the cone of red light hits it. Extra points if you can figure out, why the cone in the example appears a dark green.

5. [Extra Credit] Find a movie still with an interesting and unusual lighting effect (one we haven't seen in class), and, in a paragraph or two discuss the importance of the lighting for the scene and the impression it makes.


Marcus Schaefer
Last updated:  November 1st, 2005.