Web Developer

Web Developer Program

Javascript Homework

(due Friday 11/1 midnight)

Create an order webpage prompting the user for the following information as form input:

1. Name, Address (with separate state field), CCN (don't enter real information)

2. A list of at least five products that a customer can purchase (type, and price info up to you). The customer should be able to buy any number of each item.

3. A shipping field; the customer should be able to select at least three different types of shipping, each with different associated cost.

4. A total field with "total" button. On hitting the total button, the page should compute the total of the customer's choices, and automatically add sales tax, if the customer is from Illinois.

5. A submit button which submits the page to http://ovid.cs.depaul.edu/scripts/requestsniffer.asp for testing.

6. Include form validation: mark empty fields, and check that quantity fields for items contain numbers (using regular expressions).

Your page should have your name on it, and include a disclaimer that it is not a commercial webpage. Grading emphasis will be on functionality, not on design

Marcus Schaefer
Last updated: October 10th, 2002.