HW 3

in-class section: due 4/19 (by midnight)
DL section: due 4/20 (by midnight)

We finished chapter 2 on HTML. See the links page for further resources on HTML. Next week we will meet in the classroom, and talk about Cascading Style Sheets, Evaluation of web-pages, and, maybe, start on JavaScript programming.

If you need a refresher on absolute and relative URLs, check out the web-diner tutorial.

1. [More HTML, 40pt] In the lab we modifed the file poets.htm and ended up with an improved version, newpoets.htm (if you want to redownload these files, remember to right-click them and use "Save Target As"; don't use the IE Save As function, since it will mess with the html code). In this exercise, you will extend this page as follows:

Note: As usual, part of the credit will be for presenting the page in an attractive, readable way, and writing correct html (in particular, your tags have to match, and have to be all lower-case).

2. [homework.html, 5pt] Remember to place your homework in the hw3 folder, and add a link to it on your homework.html page.

Marcus Schaefer
Last updated: April 12th, 2006.