Homework 6 (due 11/1)

Homework is due by classtime on Thursday. Submit either a hardcopy (in class, or drop it off at the 4th floor front desk), or email it to me.

We have continued talking about ER-modeling; next week we'll do more examples and talk about EER-modeling and ER-mapping.

1.  [LeeAnne Vineyards] 

In class we started on designing the ER-model for LeeAnne Vineyards (if you missed class and don't have the handout, you can pick one up at the 4th floor front desk). Complete the ER-model for the first three sections (Personnel, Vineyard Holdings, and Wine Products and Bottles). You do not need to do the Customer part. Include: entities, relationships, attributes, keys, and minimum/maximum cardinality constraints.

2. [Extra Credit]

Add the customer part to the ER-model. (If you do the extra credit, claim so explicitly on your homework.)

Marcus Schaefer
Last updated: October 25th, 2007.